Hall Hiring and Information

Hiring Fees                                           up to 5 hours                5+ hours

Main Hall                                                   $75                                $100

Supper Room                                            $30                                $60

Entire Facility (incl kitchen)                  $150                              $200

Hall and Kitchen                                      $100                              $150

Supper Room and Kitchen                     $60                                $90

Hall and Supper Room                           $100                              $130

Long term hire by negotiation with committee and regular hirers. First Day 5+ hour fee, every day thereafter half of 5+ hour fee.

Hiring Form for Hall

Download of the form is unavailable from here. Please email us for a copy.

For bookings and other enquiries please call Cath on 0407 543 371

Email us at fishcreekhall@dcsi.net.au

We offer a compact kitchen space with a large gas oven and hot plates, instant hot water wall unit, pie warmer, fridge and commercial dishwasher.


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