Our Project

As the Hall ages, upkeep becomes more essential. Some repairs and improvements have been done down the years but now some more fundamental repairs are required. Included among these are:

The floor in the Hall needs replacing as the bearers are rotten

The beautiful curved ceiling is due for an overhaul and painting as well as new lighting

Supper Room has been recently refurbished and looks beautiful. But the south facing wall has been damaged by wind and requires re-anchoring. The south facing windows have rust in the lintels as well. Fish Creek gets a lot of weather!

supper room
Supper Room is ideal for small gatherings and classes

A ramp from the Supper Room to the Main Hall for disabled access



Installation of lighting and sound equipment to allow us to put on concerts, plays and other performances.

Other matters include: storage, seating and kitchen. You could say that it all needs a thorough revamp and restoration.

Fish Creek Memorial Hall is owned officially by the Hall Committee, and it receives only a small amount of funding from The Dept of Veterans’ Affairs for its function as a war memorial, and sponsorship from the South Gippsland Shire Council for our hall insurance.

Other than that all funds are generated by the activities of the Hall, and in particular by the iconic and wonderful Opp Shop, managed by Nadia and Dot with a group of volunteers. This is our main form of income for the upkeep and maintenance, and over the last ten years or more the unbelievable and humungous Sale held every year from Christmas through to January has brought most of the capital we have available.

op shop
Trash or Treasure? Come and find out…





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